Abhijit Suresh

Abhijit Suresh is an aspiring diplomat, who has a passion for international affairs, Indian governance, and Public policy. He worked in the technical domain for three years at Infosys before deciding on a career change. His focus, through his career, would be on solving real-world problems as he sees himself as a strategist with a macro-vision of the world. He is also the co-founder of a writing and research platform.

India’s Nuclear Doctrine

India's Nuclear Doctrine

Since the pronouncement of India’s No First Use Policy, which is a voluntary decision to not use one’s nuclear weapons first, two decades ago, the matter has been under constant scrutiny. The necessity, relevance and effectiveness of the approach has been a matter of discussions and deliberations ever since.  Historical Background India’s stance on the

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Millets and Nutrition in India

millets and nutrition

The Government of India, in 2021, embarked on the ‘Millet Mission’ as part of its association with the United Nations World Food Program. The UNGA’s resolution recognizing 2023 as the International Year of Millets has catapulted the grain family into limelight. The grains are being recognized globally as a viable solution to Global malnutrition. The

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