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Women and Unpaid Labour

Read our latest post on how the Indian economy rests on billions of hours of unpaid labour by women and tell us: what are your views on these trends highlighting unpaid care and work burden falling disproportionately on women, and yet them not being recognised for the same?

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First past the post

First Past the Post: Relevance In the Indian Scenario

An electoral system impacts the quality of representative democracy and the nature and extent of voting behaviour

Health and India: Where We Stand and the Way Ahead

A country boasting one of the cheapest healthcare costs in the world, yet a vast swathe of its population fears any experience with its public healthcare system as it currently is. 

Playing God: The Farm Revolution We Needed Years Ago

In 2002 – India commercialised the genetically modified Bt Cotton which contains up to 200 toxins to fight pests, insects, parasites and herbicides and consequently grew into the world’s largest producer of cotton. 

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Our aim is talk about all that is worthy of the attention of the young, working, voting class of India while keeping a look out for topics that are missed in this country’s rapid news cycle.

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